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"Yemeni Bodega Strike Against Trump Draws Thousands to Downtown Brooklyn: 'The Fire Has Come Home,'" Village Voice, February 3, 2017. In protest of Donald Trump's Muslim ban, Yemeni bodega owners throughout New York City closed their doors for a day and gathered for a raucous, at times joyful, protest.

"Inside the new pipeline battle brewing in the 'last frontier' of Texas," Fusion, January 25, 2017. On a protest camp inspired by Standing Rock that is fighting a pipeline in far west Texas.

"Asian American voters are crucial to victory. Will they actually turn out to vote?" Fusion, October 5, 2016. Asian Americans are a growing portion of the electorate, but they are also the voting bloc with the least interest in political participation. As Election Day nears, will AAPI voters vote, or stay home?

"Meet The Mothers Who Have Been Fighting Police Brutality For Decades," BuzzFeed, July 24, 2016. Before the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner took to the streets in protest, there was Iris Baez, a homemaker who became an activist after an NYPD officer killed her son Anthony in 1994.

"From Orlando to New York City, Queer Latino Immigrants Ask 'What’s Next?'" BuzzFeed, June 22, 2016. Across the country, LGBT communities are struggling with the aftermath and implications of the Orlando club shooting. In Jackson Heights, Queens, the queer Latino immigrant community is finding a way to organize.

"Shadow of the Shutter," Open City, June 18, 2015. How Asian small business owners are negotiating community and commerce in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray.

"As Wal-Mart Swallows China's Economy, Workers Fight Back," The Prospect, April 23, 2013. How workers in China are organizing against the low-wage behemoth.

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"What A Trip To Japanese Internment Camps Means In Trump’s America," BuzzFeed, December 21, 2016. On what we choose to remember about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and the limits of empathy.

"How can Fox News think it's OK to mock Asian Americans in 2016?" The Guardian, October 6, 2016. On how the "Watters' World" segment on Chinatown illuminates some of the reasons why Asian Americans are fleeing from the Republican Party.

"The Pleasure of Protest: Taking on Gentrification in Chinatown," Longreads, September 6, 2016. How working as a tenant organizer in New York’s Chinatown opened my eyes to the ugly—and complicated—realities of gentrification in New York City.

"Interrupting Power," CultureStrike, August 11, 2015. A moderated conversation between Tia Oso and Jennicet Gutierrez, two women who have recently interrupted men in power to call for change.

"How to Be Angry and Artistic at the Same Time," The Margins, April 13, 2015. I talked to Australian comedian Aamer Rahman about Iggy Azalea, ISIS, and why he doesn't do accents.  

"Why the Chinese Community Shouldn't Rally Around Indicted Cop Peter Liang," Talking Points Memo, February 26, 2015. An op-ed on why Chinese Americans should support police accountability movements. 

"The Counterculturalists: Alex Hing," Open City, October 9, 2014. I asked Alex Hing, the founder of the 60s radical Asian American group the Red Guards, about the Black Panthers, that time he punched the playwright Frank Chin, and what he considers revolutionary today.


"New Wave Of Chinese Restaurants Challenges 'Cheap' Stereotype," NPR, November 14, 2016. A look at a growing number of chic Chinese eateries in New York City.

"A 2-Year-Old YG Track Is Under Fire for Encouraging Robberies Against Chinese Americans," GQ.com, October 11, 2016. Why (mostly) Chinese American immigrants are outraged over a 2014 song from the rapper YG, and what it can tell us about the complicated realities of interracial politics. 

"Moving Beyond 'Crazy Rich Asians' In The Stories We Tell About China," BuzzFeed, April 19, 2016. Why we need new stories about China in a time of rising Yellow Peril. 

"Watching And Reading About White People Having Sex Is My Escape," BuzzFeed, March 4, 2016. A personal essay on escapism and the allure of freedom from the burden of racial representation. 

"All That Glitters," Open City, March 7, 2014.  I answer the question, "Why do Chinese immigrants love stainless steel so much?" and explore how this aesthetic choice has become a political one in a neighborhood with rapidly changing racial demographics.